Moving into a Smarter future!

Moving into a Smarter future! 11 Jun 2020

Moving into a Smarter Future

The rise of the machines may have seemed unlikely back then, but with the current technological advancements that just seems a stone’s throw away. The hoverboard and the flying car still seem some way in the future, but the ticket to getting in on the action is definitely through smart home automation systems. Movies have always been predicting robotic vacuums, which are now available to the masses. The same is the case with voice-controlled blinds, lights, TVs, and many other staples, which are now common in the 2020 smart home.

If you think that smart home systems are a phase and that will pass, then have a look at what the smart homes in the near future will look like. These are firmly rooted in what’s going to happen, rather than based on random predictions with no scientific research to back their possibility.

The high-tech living room

Millions of people across the globe have smart speakers in their homes, and all signs point to the fact that this number will only increase with time. The living room of the future will be centered on the smart speaker with advanced models connected to every element in your house from light bulbs to the door locks to the smart coffee makers. Watching television will be a whole new experience with one that effortlessly rolls down like magic and rolls back up out of sight after you are done.

Smart kitchens

The goal of smart homes is to make life easier for you and not to live it for you. Hence a smart kitchen will make you a better cook instead of cooking for you, disappointing, we know! Smart ovens will be tailored with cameras and thermostats so you can monitor your food as it cooks. You will no longer have to guess the temperature but can assign a specific degree yourself. Smart refrigerators will help reduce waste by informing you that your perishables are about to go bad.

Welcome the tech to your bed

What makes life better than a good night’s sleep? Fitness tracks and also track your sleep are the future of monitoring your sleep metrics so that you can make changes that improve your stats. Imagine gentle wake up alarms, as opposed to the deafening noise that causes heart palpitations upon waking up, with aromatherapy clocks that release a scent of your choice when you are in light sleep mode.

Once you are up, your favorite morning playlist will be help you wake up and get ready for the day ahead.

If all these things seem far-fetched to you, then here’s a reminder that a decade ago, most of us didn’t even know that we’d be so attached to our smartphones, let alone shop online and shout commands at the digital assistant. Get ready for the future by starting with smart home automation systems today, so you can keep up with further advancements and don’t lag.

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