Moving Home With GoKonnect

Moving Home With GoKonnect 16 Apr 2018

Here are some valuable security tips to make your project run smoothly

GoKonnect’s smart home security systems don’t just give you peace of mind; they can also take care of several common problems from day one, making an instant impact on your new home’s to-do list.

1: Securing your new home

In an unfamiliar home and area, your senses and insecurities are bound to feel heightened, especially at night. Getting connected with an GoKonnect system is the fastest way to put your mind at ease and secure your new home properly.

We will work with you to tailor make a bespoke smart security system for your home, which can include wireless contact sensors for doors and windows, image sensors, smoke detectors and lots of other smart devices, all connected into a smartphone app that keeps you connected to home with security alerts and more.

All our systems are professionally monitored for emergencies and come with proactive intelligence that starts protecting your home and family immediately.

2: Giving access to visitors

From friends and family to painters and contractors or even deliveries, you’re going to have a lot of people at your new home. Smart access control makes all of this much more convenient, by enabling you to let people in remotely, with no spare keys required.

If you’re concerned about unlocking your door when you’re not around, consider a video doorbell for your system. When someone rings the doorbell, you can verify them via live video on your smartphone. Once you’re satisfied, you can then unlock your smart lock from the same video screen.

3: Being more energy efficient

Turning your home into a more energy-efficient one is likely to take some time as it would involve replacing old windows and appliances.

A smart thermostat, could be a great way to help you start saving energy right away, simply by setting/controlling your heating when you’re not at home. Because it’s linked to your security system, the smart thermostat knows exactly when you’re home or not —ensuring that you get savings when you’re away, and comfort when you are at home.

Want a smart security system for your new home?

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