Monitored Alarm vs Non-Monitored Alarm

Monitored Alarm vs Non-Monitored Alarm 27 Feb 2019

GoKonnect Smart Home Security Exposes the truths with the Home Security Market and also shows you how real Smart Home Security Works and for what you should look out.

Some questions to ask when choosing Home Security;

What’s the Difference between a Smart Alarm & Standard Alarm?

A common misconception of a smart alarm is that of arming or disarming your home from your phone. A home security system that continues to work when disarmed is the true power of Smart Home Security; a system that allows you to see what’s happening throughout the day; learns your patterns and alerts you of anything out of the ordinary. Ie; forgetting to arm your home when you go to bed.

A real Smart Home Security System will notify you when you leave a door or window open, Alert you when you leave and forget to secure your home; Enable you to arm your system with the sound of your voice.

Smart Home Security Meets Smart Home.

A smart home security company should offer the latest technology to their consumers. When looking for an alarm for your new home you need to consider to a large extent, it is future proof?

Some things to question;

Can I integrate;

  • Smart Door locks and remotely lock and unlock my front door; assign unique user code to everyone in the family so I know who is coming and going?
  • Smart Heating control that automatically adjusts the heating when a door or window is left open?
  • Smart Lighting control that allows me to change the color of all my bulbs; schedule lights to turn on at different times of the day even turn them all off, all at once?
  • Video Doorbell Camera in the one platform with real-time notifications?
  • CCTV Cameras with real-time motion detection alerts?
  • Voice Control as standard?

In today’s world of internet of Things, Your Smart Home Security System should be able to integrate into your home as one platform. Looking at the Alarm as a passive system is a thing of the past. Your Home Security should be proactive, it works with you throughout the day not just when something bad happens. At GoKonnect we provide all solutions to the above questions.


Do I need to wire for an Alarm?

Many companies will argue this one, however, the honest answer is No. Technology has advanced to the state where we don’t need any wires to install our Smart Home Security system, saving new builds the additional cost of running wires for alarms. For New homeowners buying turn key homes with Wiring installed is snipped, tidied up and goes unused.

And here is a real problem with a wired alarm system. What happens when a sensor goes down or you have an issue? The traditional fix is that the home alarm company waits for an engineer to call out; gets charged for it; then finds the problem.

When we discuss this with our customers we offer them real-time tech support. You don’t need call-outs. We check your system remotely 5 times per day.


Monitoring V Non-Monitoring

There is some controversy centered around monitoring vs self-monitoring. Both have their cases however a lot of it can be determined by the system you have installed and your location. As a company not only offering the latest in tech to our customers we also believe in total transparency when it comes to Monitoring, and that’s why we offer our customers the choice. €40 a month forever, when the nearest Garda station covering your area is 30KM away, doesn’t make much sense.

We offer the latest in home security technology to our customers. You get real-time notifications if the system is armed or disarmed, so there is a high chance that you will know what’s happening in your home before the Gardai.


Real Smart Home Security Saves you Money

Smart Home Security as we mentioned should be much more than just arming your home or disarming your home from your Phone. Here I will discuss options on how smart home security will help you save on your energy & heating costs on a daily basis.

Smart Heating controls are more popular and they all have their Pro’s & Con’s. We live in a world where everyone can have access to turning on their heating on the way home and walking into a cozy house, with the hot water ready to go and jump straight into the shower. But what if your home security system could talk to your heating controls and tell it to adjust your heating automatically.


Real Smart Home Security comes into play when we install a security system for our customers who want to add heating controls to their platform. We offer them a number of benefits over traditional smart heating controls. By having one complete platform that works in your home, the smart door/window contacts can talk to the heating controls and for example, if you or the kids leave a window open while the heating is on it, will automatically turn down the heating, saving energy and saving you money.

Using a smart home security platform that controls your home, it will know if you left the heating on when you leave. It will automatically turn it down if no-one is there. Smart Home Security should have the capability to not only secure your home, but it should also make your day-to-day more efficient and, save you money along the way.

Smart Home Security Platform with real-time technical support

Another hot topic within the home security industry is what happens when a fault in the system occurs. We all know the stories of; the alarm doesn’t work and I can’t get the installer to call out. Smart tech doesn’t always have to be the functionality the homeowner has on offer, like smart lighting control, smart locks, smart heating controls, smart CCTV, doorbell cameras etc. Smart Tech support must be something, the homeowner must look into before purchasing an alarm.

As a company that thrives on a daily basis offering our customers support that is unrivaled within the industry, we have a technical link to every single customer’s system across Ireland. We check their system on a daily basis to make sure all areas are working as it should be.

Our in-house tech team will know before the homeowner if a sensor has dropped off and chances are we can fix it from the back-end and if needed, we can schedule a rollout from one of our engineers. All this is done before the customer even knows it has happened.

Tech Support for CCTV cameras also means checking connections remotely, seeing if all connections over the past 24 hours have been successful and much more without having to send an engineer out to your home.


Smart Home Security goes much further and in a market where €99 alarms are on offer, it’s important to ask yourself these questions;

  • What exactly am I getting and will I have to change it again after 3 years when my contract is up?
  • Will I get the control and options to build on to my system with new smart products without having to put in a whole new alarm?
  • We built our company on the promise to change the Home Security Market for the better.

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