Is Smart Home Automation A Necessity?

Is Smart Home Automation A Necessity? 5 Mar 2020

Is Smart Home Automation A Necessity?

When smart homes was a new technology, people saw it as a luxury. Later, its hype got labelled as a comfort. But now, as smart-TVs and other home smart-devices gain higher popularity than ever its not considered as something people need.

The level of luxury

Gone are the days when a smart home is for the wealthy. Because the prices were high, any homes were too old, and wireless technology was expensive. Only the ones who had six-figure salaries could afford it. As awareness grew, people got their security CCTV cameras, house alarms, lighting devices and temperature controls connected integrated into their home. They wouldn’t have to get up and switch off lights. With time, it started getting common. People in the UK and Ireland still have more than 40 wireless devices connected to only one hub.

The Level of Comfort

When smart homes became the talk-of-the-town, they were expensive and unrefined. And as smart home technology gets older, it becomes faster, more intuitive and easier to use. They give you more control over devices in your home and reduce the number of takes you do day-to-day. The number of break-ins, robberies and trespassing cases dropped drastically.

The level of Necessity

While there are several reasons why one prefers to get their home ‘smarter’ one primary benefit is the reduction in the utility bills. The lighting devices, thermostats, alarm systems, security cameras and gadgets can usually be controlled remotely. Engineers suggest that using these controls can cause a dramatic decrease in the figures marked on your water and electricity bills.

Monitoring and Control As organisations are turning more employee-friendly and allowing work-from-home to maximise productivity, employees are obtaining smart home devices to protect the rest of the house while they work in their home-offices. And not only homes, intelligent home automation model is applied even to business sites, offices, and small-mid-sized workplaces to ensure safety and security. Your home insurance could also see a reduction when you have home security.

Once the lighting devices, thermostats, alarms and CCTV cameras are connected, it becomes more accessible to:

  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Detect smoke and fire right at the moment

  • Control temperature throughout the day

  • Switch on and off lights and bulbs

  • Record who appeared or did not appear at home at the assigned time

  • Find out who attempted arming and disarming the alarm systems manually

  • Setting schedules for lighting and heating when you have guests.

  • Keep an eye on the interior and exterior cameras of the house – while you’re home or away

Our customers love what we do, and love using their smart home to answer their front door, turn off their lights and even knowing they forgot to close a window or door. That’s because they got a connected smart and secure home.

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