Important Home Security Tips for Single Moms

Important Home Security Tips for Single Moms 6 Feb 2020

Important Home Security Tips for Single Moms

Everyone knows that being a single mother is twice the responsibility. You want to keep your children safe, which means you need to stay alert of all the potential dangers around you and your family. It’s important to be well-informed as much as possible since you are doing a pretty big job on your own. We at GoKonnect, salute the courage of our supermoms. And therefore, we have rounded up a list of effective home security tips for single moms so they can have all their bases covered.

Firstly, Privacy Matters.

Privacy is often a subject that most women struggle with. Installing home security cameras surely protects you, but it doesn’t cover for the whole of your privacy issue. You don’t want to be a person telling her whole life story to random neighbours and colleagues.

First things first, it’s important NOT to tell people that you are a single woman living all alone with your child. Of course, it’s fine for friends and family to know but does your coworker who you see every now and then near the kitchen need to know your living arrangements? NO. When dealing with personal information kind of matters like your mail, phone number listing, apartment mailboxes, etc. there are a couple of rules you can follow:

Use your initial, followed by your last name. No need to write your full name, this way people won’t be able to figure out if you are a man or woman.

Print out your name. For apartment mailboxes, you are supposed to write your name, and people generally associate neat handwriting with females. So, you better print them out.

Use the term “household” or “residence” on your landline voicemail. This will give the callers the idea that multiple people live there.

Use curtains or blinds

We all are in absolute love with natural light, right? Not only does it help you feel fresh, but it’s also very energy effective for your home. Feel free to take advantage of the bright hours by opening your curtains.

However, once it hits the dark close your curtains. During the day you can observe outside and see if someone is creeping around your home in the bushes, but when it’s dark your home security cameras in Ireland, will help you to see there’s a “Peeping Tom”.

Home security equipment

When you move into your new home, you must make sure all your home security is connected and up to the mark. You never know who the last tenants were or which friends of owners have a key to your house. Remember, better safe than a sorry. So, make sure you know that just you and the people who you trust the most are the ones with a key to your home.

Now, ensure all the home security devices you installed in your home are working fine. After you’ve taken all that time to install smart locks on all the doors, don’t hide your spare keys under the doormat, a nearby flower pot, or any outdoor rock or object.

It’s important to rightfully use your smart home automation systems and keep all your doors locked, and lights dimmed even while you’re home. Never forget to turn on your emergency alarm and other security devices before you go to bed at night either— you don’t want to wake up to any suspicious activity in your home.

Surveillance camera and baby monitoring systems

The best way to ensure you and your little one(s) are safe and sound is to invest in a home security camera and a monitored home security system. Not only does it help you with buglers and intruders, but it also alerts you about fires and can help in many sorts of medical emergencies.

When it comes to living a peaceful life, in today’s age, home security is very important. Keeping up with the latest technological upgrades in this area is a great way of making sure of a safe home environment.

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