How to Set Up Your Smart Home

How to Set Up Your Smart Home 6 Feb 2020

Do your research…

Even when you get your drawing room renovated, you need a PLAN. You need thoughts constructing a complete timeline of how and when you’d do certain things. Similarly, you need to do thorough research before starting to smarten your home. We say, “Failing to plan is also a plan to fail.” YES! For the inception of your smart home, you need a solid plan. While doing this, make sure to list down your priorities, the problem areas of your home, and what is currently offered in the market. Studying the costs of all accessories and system installation is equally important. When you start improving the quality of your life, do not forget that you have to follow certain standards too. So, before you choose a service which would smarten your home for you, make sure you’ve examined their work portfolio and their previous work experience.

Safety comes first…

It doesn’t matter if your home is big or small, congested or spacious – your home, for sure, has to be safe and secure. And so, a smart home is a secure home. Before installing anything else, maybe an advanced streaming device or a home theatre, you need to secure your home. The best way to do this is to get the monitoring CCTV cameras installed indoor and outdoor. These cameras not only help you keep an eye on the surroundings, but also take care of your pets, aged parents, and even children if you are a working parent and you leave them home.

These CCTVs can be connected to arming and disarming devices at the house to receive any updates on the changes made to these security systems. Further, you have to stay aware of what’s going on when you are in or out of the house. If you are exposed to hazards, this smart monitoring system will facilitate in preventing the burglars and intruders from trespassing your home’s boundaries. So, the first smart thing you get for your home is a smart security system. These best thing with such a system is that a hub enables you to connect these different systems together. Use smart lighting with the cameras, sense activities via your cameras and switch on lights – at your fingertips.

Save your power…

Once you have planned to install security systems, and further wish to control the power usage of lighting devices at your home, you should definitely consider the smart lighting systems. Switch the light bulbs and LED lighting devices on and off from any other room of your home. Or maybe, you just switched off your laptop and made your way to your bedroom after a stressful day at your home office – take out your smartphone, touch the screen and say the magical words ‘turn off the lights’ and smart lighting takes care of the rest. This is an efficient way to reduce the figures on our electricity bills, plus prevent our light bulbs from overuse. The other way round, switch on your lights before you’re home. Connect this system to your bells and instantly switch on all lights for guests or other relatives who wish to attend you while you’re in bed.

Then, set up a temperature control system…

We never knew our temperatures would be programmable too! Set the temperature, high or low, during winters or summers at the touch of your fingertips. Control the temperature, heating and air conditioning of your home while being away too. Though it sounds luxury in the beginning, we personally know thousands of parents who have installed thermostats to monitor and control the temperatures, and they felt peaceful like never before. Is the kid unwell? Heat the room. You are home after a scorching stressful day, lower it – just from your cellphone. While it isn’t compulsory to have these smart thermostats at the smart home, it is a good idea to get done right away. Firstly, there is a minimal additional cost which adjusts with the cost of the main hub – the common interface via which your home is at your fingertips. Secondly, it provides a comfortable living environment with the right living condition according to your inner mood and the outer atmosphere. Similarly, people are going crazy after the scheduling systems with these thermostats. So, they are better off with their electricity bills too.

While these are the very basic requirements in a smart home, people tend to control their water bills by monitoring the use of water via taps. They also schedule the recharging of their internet devices with the central hub. Not only does it save our own resources, but it makes us live an efficient, easier, comfortable and at times, a lavish life we would all love, where we won’t have to panic about our EXTRA duties anymore.

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