How to pick the Best Security System for your home.

How to pick the Best Security System for your home. 23 Apr 2018

1: Smarter alerts that won't overwhelm you

Don’t get us wrong: smartphone alerts can be great.

With an ecosystem of security sensors, and a cloud ‘brain’ to store and process the data they collect, our technology understands what’s happening at your home and whether you need to know about it or not. That way, you don’t get bombarded with alerts about every single activity. For example, if you want to be alerted when your child gets home from school, but not every time someone opens your front door, you can create a ‘disarm’ alert for your system that only your child’s unique user code can trigger.

2: More than just security

Some old-fashioned security systems can be an inconvenience. A modern system makes life easier. Look for features like smart access control. An GoKonnect smart lock, connected to your system, makes it easy to let the right people in without compromising your security.

Your children can have a permanent user code, while some visitors can have restricted user codes that only work during certain times, or can expire after a set time. No need to keep track on who has the spare keys!

For clever convenience, you can automate things to suit your needs. For example, when you disarm your system, your hallway lights can come on when you open the smart lock. You can even create a ‘coming home’ scene in your app that will do it all for you with just one command.

3: Smart deterrence

Wouldn’t it be better to deter a crime rather than try and solve one after it’s happened. The right security system makes your home a highly unattractive target to any intruder or burglar.

Look for a system that includes visible deterrents such as outdoor cameras and a doorbell camera. Most burglars check for security cameras and will more than likely avoid homes that have them.

You can also add in smart lighting for your porch. It can be programmed to turn on in the evening time when it starts getting dark. It can also turn on when your doorbell camera detects activity, ensuring that intruders find themselves in the spotlight.

4: Safety features for you and your family that continue to be proactive

The most up to date security systems don’t just protect you from crime: they also protect your family from everyday dangers. Contact sensors inside your home can instantly inform you if your child goes into a forbidden area, for example wandering out to the landing at night time. Even if you don’t set up alerts for these areas, GoKonnect can still protect you. Our Insights Engine learns activity patterns over periods of time, and sends you Unexpected Activity alerts when these events occur.

5: A tamper-resistant system

When assessing your security system, ensure you are fully aware of how it communicates and sends emergency signals . Some may piggyback off your broadband or phone lines. Unfortunately, these are always vulnerable to outages or storm damage (a fallen Arial or tree branch).

For a system that is reliable, look for a one that provides a battery backup. This can signal for help even if your power is gone and your phone lines are down. GoKonnect systems provide sim back up for all our clients. In fact, GoKonnect can even defeat an intruder who smashes the security panel.

6: An ultimate smart home setup

Another reason why getting the right security system is vital. Smart technology is fast becoming a part of households across the country, and you’ll soon want to upgrade your home. A GoKonnect system will equip your home with the smart home platform you need for a hassle-free smart home, controlled by a single app.

With GoKonnect installed, you can easily incorporate any of our new smart devices as you need them, for example; • A smart thermostat to save energy and reduce your bills • A video doorbell that lets you answer and see who is at your door from anywhere • Indoor video cameras to keep an eye on what’s happening outside your home • Smart garage door openers • Water sensors to protect you from major water damage in your home

GoKonnect combines all of these devices into one harmonious system with everything working together, controlled through a single command centre on your smartphone or computer screen.

Not everyone knows it yet, but the right security system is your hassle-free shortcut to a smart home.

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