How to keep your home safe during a renovation

How to keep your home safe during a renovation 18 May 2020

How to keep your home safe during a renovation

Important remodelling often means temporarily changing your home and life. In addition to the noise and dust from renovations, a flow of contractors, subcontractors and construction workers can be expected to come in and out of the house.

When your home becomes open to people you don’t know, one thing you might worry about during a renovation is home security. Here are some tips to protect your home during renovations:

Trusted contractors

Whether you are recruiting a general contractor for a major renovation or a specialized contractor for a kitchen or bathroom, finding a reliable contractor is a must. Here are some ways to make sure you hire someone you trust:

  • Ask your friends, family and neighbours who have had work done to their home, for recommendations.
  • Make sure they have an online presence and read reviews from previous customers.
  • Request a list of references and contact them.
  • Make sure they have the right insurance and license. At a minimum, they must take out liability and property damage insurance.
  • Ask if they will use subcontractors and make sure they are also licensed and insured.

Keep valuables safe

A safe, bolted or hidden is a good place to store small valuables such as jewellery, important documents and other items that you don’t want to leave outdoors. For added security, you can also protect your valuables behind a locked door with the addition of a home alarm. Place a door contact on the frame and you know when it’s opened and closed.


Install home alarm features

One of the best ways to protect your home is to use a monitored alarm system. In addition to standard features such as theft detection, more comprehensive security features can help you protect your home indoors and outdoors. With indoor and outdoor cameras, monitor areas of your home that may be exposed during renovations.

A video doorbell camera is also a good way to see who comes and goes and will alert you even if it detects movement at the door. You can also hear and speak to contractors and workers at the door in a two-way talk.

If you are not there during the renovations, you can still check-in at home through the smartphone application. Use it to arm or disarm your home alarm system, watch live camera feeds and lock and unlock doors.

If you are thinking of getting a home alarm, what better time when you’re updating your home, making it an even easier installation process.


Change your locks

Since most burglars come through the front door, you need to make sure that the doors are always closed. With business owners coming and going, smart locks make it easy to lock and unlock doors remotely. You can also assign each person a keypad code to disarm your home alarm so that you know which code was used to enter your home.

Use sensors to detect unexpected problems

During a renovation, your home may be more susceptible to accidental dangers such as fires, water leaks and others.

With an alarm system that provides 24/7 monitoring, your home will be constantly monitored for smoke, carbon monoxide and even floods. Professional surveillance specialists will also inform the appropriate authorities if necessary.

It is true that remodelling your home can be a source of concern and stress. But with good planning, some simple precautions and the right equipment, home security will be one less thing to worry about.

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