How to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

How to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors? 4 Apr 2019

How to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

Over 50% of Irish households don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon Monoxide is dangerous because you can’t see it or smell it, which makes it impossible to detect without the aid of a sensor. Any fossil fuel burning contains carbon monoxide, not just gas.

Carbon monoxide detectors are essential for home and family safety. But installing them is not the same as a smoke detector. With smoke alarms, we tend to put them outside of the kitchen away from areas where we cook food, so it doesn’t go off every morning when we burn our toast.

Knowing how to install Carbon Monoxide sensors is just as important were to position them. Doing this correctly will give you the most accurate warning, allowing for a quick response.


Installing a carbon monoxide detector

The first thing to do, and it is a recommended step when you buy anything, is to test if it works. CO detectors are not required by law but it is the only way to detect and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The number of detectors to have is completely dependant on how many you want, but you’ll need at least one detector for every story of your home.


Some homes have wired detectors integrated into your home wiring. This is usually done when the home is first built or can be done if you’re rebuilding the interior. It’s costly to re-wire your home and this type doesn’t suit everyone.


Wireless battery powered alarms the most common and very simple to install. You even have the freedom to move them in the future. The GoKonnect CO & Smoke detector is also battery-powered but also integrates with your Smart Home Security System. It sends you real-time alerts wherever you are, so you know what is happening at home.


This solution is very simple. Plug it into a wall socket. The downside is that your placement is very limited. It also requires a back-up battery in the event of a power outage.

Best Place to Install?

It’s important to install detectors outside bedrooms so that if an alarm goes off, it is close enough that it will wake up everyone. Place a detector in every area that contains sources of CO approximately 5-20 feet.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be placed on the wall or ceiling. Even though CO is lighter than air it distributes evenly throughout the area. If you’re still unsure where to place it, you can always follow the manufactures guidelines.


If you fear that you may have Carbon Monoxide poisoning, open your windows and get some fresh air immediately. then go to your doctor and ask him/her to check for Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to get Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors for your home.

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