How Smart Home Security can keep your home safe!

How Smart Home Security can keep your home safe! 6 Nov 2019

How Smart Home Security can keep your home safe!

Keeping your empty home safe! When looking for home security and staying connected to your home, nothing beats our smart home system.

With our smart home technology, you can control all aspects of your home, including security, lighting, heating, door locks and appliances, remotely via our smart home app on your mobile device.

But what can smart home security do to keep my home safe? I hear you ask.

Let’s start at your front door! With our Video Doorbell Camera, you can see who comes to your doorstep, talk to visitors with two-way-talk or even live-view so you know when not to answer the front door. It will also record clips and send instant notifications to your smartphone wherever you are.


Cover the outside of our home! Outdoor cameras are usually equipped with motion sensors that record clips when movement is detected around your home. Our GoKonnect Smart Outdoor cameras go even further by distinguishing between person, animal and vehicle with our A.I. Motion Detection. You can also set schedules for when you want your camera(s) to records clips, create automation rules for when motion is detected (have a light come on, or change colour when motion is detected) and even set motion detection zones. All of this can be changed specifically to each camera.


Forgot your keys! Our smart door locks give you the ability to lock your front door from anywhere. It’s also very useful for keyless if you forget or misplace your keys. You can grant visitors access to your home while you talk to them through your Video Doorbell Camera. With our geolocation services you also get reminded when you forgot to lock up when you leave.


Never miss a moment! Our smart home security works together to give you a connected home. This includes smoke, CO2 & flood detectors, Motion & Image sensors and of course Door/window contacts. All of our technology is smart, and it’s only getting smarter. With our Smart Door & Window contacts, you’ll get instant alerts of a break-in, of unusual activity and when you leave anything open. So if the kids open the front door when they’re not supposed to, you’ll know about it. If someone comes home late at night, you’ll know that too. Our Smart Home Security System works together to keep you aware of everything that happens, whether you’re home or not.


Build a system for your needs! Our smart home security systems are modular. If you have a strict budget, that’s okay.–You might be moving into a new home, but you just want security.–Build a security-specific system and then, if you want, add-on later. We even give you the option of Monitoring & Self-Monitoring.

Your smart home in your hands! With our smart home app, you can completely customize how you receive alerts and notifications. Get reminders when you leave your home and forget to arm your system; when a door or window is left open; when your alarm activates…you even get notified when the there is a loss of power and/or broadband in your home.

You can give the whole family access to your Smart Home app, completely FREE. You can also add temporary logins for family member come to stay. You can also control how much access they have while they stay in your home.

We try to make it easy for you to get the best security system for your home. Our smart home systems go beyond keeping your home safe, it connects your home so that you have complete control over how your home, and security works; so that you never miss a moment.

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