How does a smart home alarm work? A home alarm that works all the time

18 Feb 2021

How does a Smart Home Alarm work?

So, home alarms have gotten a lot smarter these days. Everywhere you look these days the work smart is there. When it comes to a home alarm, a smart alarm system is a new way to protect your home; let's review how they work.

How to set up a smart alarm system?

As opposed to the old wired alarm’s usually fitted to homes, a smart home alarm is super easy to set up, as you can do it yourself in minutes. Why is it so easy? Well, being that there are no wires involved, you don’t have to rely on the hassle of getting a professional to install it for you, to get it completely wired around your house. 

With a smart home alarm system, it also uses an inbuilt cellular connection and Wi-Fi to connect, making it both wireless and reliable. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, a smart system can also use a cellular backup. When connecting a smart home security camera, however, Wi-Fi is needed. When adding sensors to your home, it's simple to add them to your GoKonnect touch screen panel and you're ready to go.

What can a smart home alarm system connect to?

One of the best things about a smart home alarm is its ability to connect to a variety of smart home devices & sensors. For instance, did you know you can now turn your home into a smart home? 

Connect Smart Locks so you can never forget to lock the door again, one touch of a button and your door is locked from anywhere in the world.

Light your home up with smart lighting control - Add smart bulbs, plugs or integrate smart switches, simply add it to your GoKonnect touchscreen panel, then you have full control via the gokonnect smart home app.

Always come home to a warm house, When you leave work you can add the nest heating system to the GoKonnect hub. One-touch of a button you will have a cosy home when you arrive.

Mobile, tablet or computer - you can connect the smart alarm system to a mobile app, tablet app or computer to monitor, control and arm or disarm your system from anywhere, as well as look into recordings or camera footage.

Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Watch - this smart alarm can work with a variety of smart home integration technologies.

Professional monitoring

Whether you’re away for the weekend or out for a walk professional monitoring allows you to rest easy as your home is monitored by our monitoring station which will them call the authority's when an alarm event occurs.

When the professional monitoring station receives the signal they will call you first, if they can't get you, they will call the 2d keyholder, if no one answers or you confirm an emergency, The monitoring centre will call the gardai if you need the emergency services or if they can not get an answer from you.

Smart CCTV Cameras provide real live footage

An integrated smart home security platform like GoKonnect provides integrated cameras into one app, with smart alarm recording notifications meaning you will be notified in real-time.

Any of the GoKonnect Smart Home Security CCTV cameras will provide live-view, two-way audio and AI smart motion detection alerts which you can view on your smartphone, desktop, apple watch, amazon fire sticks and more. 

Now you can see why GoKonnect provides the smartest home security system on the market. Not your normal home alarm.

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