How Do Doorbell Cameras Work?

How Do Doorbell Cameras Work? 26 Feb 2019

How Do Doorbell Cameras Work?

Doorbell cameras are possibly the most useful gadget on the market, and its a lot of fun to use. With so many version and brands being sold, it can be confusing to know what you’re getting, how they work and how much they cost.

What is a doorbell camera?

A doorbell camera is exactly that, a doorbell with a built-in camera. But it has much more than that. It has wifi, motion detection, clip recording, and a speaker which allows you to talk to visitors.

How does it work?

Doorbell cameras need to connect to your home broadband to work and your broadband signal also needs to reach your door. A simple way to check is to connect your phone to your wifi and walk outside. If your phone is still connected, then you’re good to go; if not then you may need a wifi extender.


Doorbell cameras also connect to your existing doorbell wiring. When someone walks up to your door, the motion detection picks up the person before they reach your porch. Our video doorbell beings to record the moment motion is detected and also sends you alerts of activity. And when they ring the doorbell you also get a notification sound on your phone. This all works from anywhere in the world and Inside the home, everything functions as normal.


Within the app, you can watch previously recorded clips and watch live video from your doorbell. Each clip needs to be saved, so it uses cloud storage instead of taking up space on your phone. All clips are dated and timed making it much easier for you to find. And if you find a funny clip, you can download it to your phone to show your friends.

Why should I get a doorbell camera?

Our doorbell features a speaker which enables you to talk to anyone at your front door. If you are expecting a delivery, ask the courier to leave your package at the door. Or if a family member is outside, open your door remotely when you have our Smart Door locks.


Most of us don’t answer our phones if we do not recognize the number. Many of us do the same with our front door. If we’re not expecting anyone or don’t know who it is, we ignore it. A doorbell camera allows you to see who’s there before you answer. Consider it a caller ID for the front of your home. If you’re cleaning, making dinner or don’t hear the doorbell, your phone will let you know. For people of hard-of-hearing, you can use a Smart Bulb to indicate activity at your front door by changing the color, with one of our systems. And for those of us who are a little older, it allows you to reach the front door when you physically can’t.


We provide you with the latest Smart Home Technology and the best support. With us, there is no such thing as a stupid question. We love to help our customers become confident with the device they use because it is important that they can get the full benefits of our Smart Home Security Systems.

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