How can I improve my home alarm?

How can I improve my home alarm? 28 Nov 2019

How can I improve my home alarm?

Many of us are new to the idea of a home alarm. You might have just bought a new house, or maybe you’re renting. Either way, your home is a place in which you want to experience. Like a new phone, or TV, something you want to use and enjoy.

In a crowded home alarm market, it is difficult to understand exactly what is what, not to mention the choice between professional-monitoring or self-monitoring. A Home Alarm is an effective tool which many companies still sell, but it’s just an Alarm. However, we live in a technology-filled world, so of course the word smart alarm or as we say Smart Home Security enters into play.

When shopping for home security, having an on/off Alarm is a thing of the past. Smart Home Security is here. It isn’t just an app on your phone. It’s much more than that. When we talk about smart home security we’re talking about a “home alarm” that is always working.

GoKonnect Connects Smart home security with smart home automation so, Why not get a home security system that adapts to you, that saves you time throughout your day, turns up the heating when you’re on the way home from work, turns on the lights when you’re late, Locks the doors with one touch of a button, listens to you when you tell it to arm with voice control, It’s time to think differently about Home Alarms in Ireland.

Smart Home Security

Our proactive home security works even when it’s disarmed. Over a period of weeks, your new Smart Home Security System will learn your patterns. It can then identify any unexpected activity and let you know instantly what is happening at home. It’s a great way to know if the kids try to open the front door during the day or if someone comes in, during the night. In the event of a break-in, you’ll know exactly what’s going on in your home with instant notifications. Paired with our indoor camera, you can tell it to record when the alarm is set off, and you’ll be able to access that footage at any time. You can even move around inside your home without setting off the alarm with our Arm Stay function.

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Our Geo-location services add another level of security compared to basic home alarms, in that, you will be notified if you leave your home without arming your system. Even you reach 1.5 km from your home, your smart home security system will let you know if you forget to arm your home. And even if you’re unsure, you can check via our smartphone app.

Let’s say you’re doing home renovations. You might be on holiday or just out of the house, busy at work. Having someone there during the day while contractors are in, may be problematic. With us, that’s no problem. Give each contractor their own unique user-code so that when they disarm your system you’ll know exactly who is there. And if they forget when they leave, you’ll also know. No need to worry about scheduling; it gives you more time to focus on other things and less time stressing about your home. This also gives you the added benefit knowing that if someone has your house alarm code, they can get back into your home later without setting of the system.

video doorbell two way talk live view cctv camera smart home security alarms

Our Skybell video doorbell camera is one of our most popular add-ons when people switch to Smart Home Security. Many of them are coming from years of having a basic home alarm, and are looking for something more intuitive and user-friendly. With it, you can talk to visitors at your front door, get instant alerts when motion is detected and when someone rings the bell. And if you add-on Smart Door Locks, you can even unlock your front door while chatting away.

We even let you create your own alerts so you can be notified about a specific activity, and, you can tell your system how to respond.

Smart Home Control

Our system comes with you wherever you go through our smartphone app. It keeps you updated on all activity in and outside your home with instant alerts, alarm events, motion detection alerts and arming reminders. You can even interact with your home, by turning on/off the lights, creating schedules for when your heating activates, talk to visitors at your front door with the video doorbell camera, and locking/unlocking your front door remotely with smart door locks. And don’t worry if you’re having a lazy day, we have voice control too.

With us, you have the option of starting with Smart Home Security and then adding on later. Or you could start with Smart Home Control and add security later. It’s completely up to you.

smart heating activity feed smart home security alarms monitoring voice control

Unlike cheap home alarms, we give you control of your home. We let you decide what information you get throughout the day. We give you complete security both inside and out, and over time, allow you to turn your home into a smart home. So we go back to the question above…how can I improve my home alarm? It’s simple, it’s time to GoKonnect.

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