Home security systems help prevent break-ins

Home security systems help prevent break-ins 27 Apr 2020

How home security systems help prevent break-ins.

We know that home security systems give you peace of mind and can deter crime. But what is it about a security system that stops burglars from breaking in.

One of the most basic features that come with a home security system is the loud, undeniable alarm. These alarms are extremely loud and unmistakable. Burglars want to get in and out as quickly as possible, so anything that will draw attention to them they will likely avoid altogether.


Professional Monitoring.

One of the most common things about security systems is that they usually come with Garda and Emergency Response. Burglars mainly look for homes that are empty, and people with no security won’t know until hours later when they arrive home. Have that extra level of security is great if you’re out of the house most of the time.

With a GoKonnect System, not only will you have the option of Professional Monitoring and self-monitoring, but you’ll also get Instant alerts of a break-in, motion and activity around your home, giving you the power to respond fast and contact the authorities.

It captures evidence.

Many basic home security systems come with Image PIRs which, in the event of an alarm, only capture snapshots of the area in which they’re placed. With a GoKonnect Smart Home Security System, you can ad-on, Internal Cameras, External Cameras, Video Doorbell Cameras and Image PIRs to give you maximum coverage of your home.

Our Video Doorbell will help capture anyone porch dwellers who might possibly steal your packages, while indoor security cameras will capture burglars in action.

Choosing a smart home security system.

We all know that home security is worth the investment. But how do you choose one that will give you the protection you need, but you also get your money’s worth?

What features do you need?

Your type of home, your garden size and side entrance, and whether or not you have a garage are some of the things to consider when deciding what smart security devices and smart features you need.

For example, you live in a semi-detached home with a small back garden, you may decide that an external camera for your back yard and a video doorbell camera from the front of your home is all you really need for the exterior of your home.

Choose home security that works together.

Our smart security system works as an ecosystem of smart devices, communicates with each other and works together. You can set rules that trigger specific actions like, if a fire is detected, your system will trigger the alarm, and tell your smart lights to turn on and your smart locks to open the front door. Or you can tell your cameras to start recording when an alarm is triggered.

With a Smart Home Security System from GoKonnect, there are endless possibilities. Find out what you can do with your new smart home. Call 042 933 3365 today.

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