Home Security for renters

Home Security for renters 20 Apr 2020

Renting a home or apartment? This is why you might need home security!


Renting a home or apartment in Ireland will free you up from the spending years saving to get the deposit needed for a mortgage and also allows you flexibility in terms of moving if your company relocates you. While renting, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or upkeep of the property; this is down to the landlord, however one area which is something to worry about is your valuable contents within your rented home. GoKonnect Smart home security is a great investment plus you can take it with you when you leave.

Depending on your letting agent or landlord to protect your new home, will fall on deaf ears. Generally speaking, the basic security needs will be met and if this is the case, you can expect the ever savvy burglar to spot the opportunity and take advantage of this fast.

We will discuss the many options available to you in the world of home security in Ireland, and how technology can give peace of mind knowing you are best protected.

Just because the building is secure doesn't mean it's safe.


If you own your own home you have control over who has access to keys and who is coming and going, when we look at this from a renters perspective, you can never tell how many sets of keys have been cut and does the previous tenant have them then long after they moved out. This is one security concern we see even new home buyer’s have when they move into their new home. Home security for renters is becoming more and more important. If you are renting an apartment, who do you know what the neighbors are like, and god knows how many people will be coming and going throughout the day, the complex might be secure but when someone gets into the complex they can spend hours inside with access to multiple homes, Smarter Home Security is more important than every. If a landlord does not have a security system in place and does not want you to drill holes, a GoKonnect Wireless smart home security system is ideal, no drilling, no mess and state of the art security giving you peace of mind.

Going wireless for your home security is an best choice for renters.


For a renter the best home security is a GoKonnect smart home security system. You have multiple options when it comes to installation, you can use our DIY service where we set up, box and send a new home security system ready to go for your home, where set up can only take a matter of 30 minutes, or you can choose our professional option. One of the best reasons for choosing a wireless home security system from GoKonnect is you can take it with you. Most of the sensors can stick on with double sided tape meaning they can just be removed with no damage to the property and ready for your new home, A wired system can be pretty much permanent when it comes to installation, When considering a new smart home security system for your home, its important to consider the ability to add smart home control, with a GoKonnect smart home security system another great advantage is our smart home hub we install as standard, this means you can add smart locks, smart lighting control and smart heating control easily, give you a smarter system right out of the box

A GoKonnect Smart Home gives you Home Security, Home Control and optional monitoring.


A wireless smart home security system in 2020, should give you the ability to simply add on smart home features, when GoKonnect installs all our customers get this ability from the start, we can add smart lighting which can be control via our smart home app, not only that we can get it to talk to the smart home security system meaning if an alarm event occurs it you can have the light in the hallway come on automatically.

Integrating smart cameras into the system is also seamless, we can integrate external or internal cameras with Live view plus the benefits of out video doorbell camera which allows you two way talk with someone at your front door

Alot of alarm companies offer professional monitored only, With Gokonnect we give you the option to choose between a monitored alarm plan or a self monitored alarm plan. For added peace of mind you can choose professional monitored and the revert back self monitoring later if your needs change, this is something traditional monitored companies wont do

Smart wireless home security sensors let you know when someone is in your home.


Smart home security sensors are one of the renter’s best friends. Landlords, leasing companies or maintenance workers will all have access to keys meaning your home might always be an opportunity for someone with a desire to break into a home. But it’s not only outside the home you need to worry about, Anyone who lives with a roommate may have the same worry. GoKonnect Smart Home Security use infrared technology to detect changes in the thermal environment of a room,When someone enters an area equipped with one of these sensors, the device will activate and the GoKonnect smart home hub will send you a mobile notification. If the system is armed, it will also sound an alarm and notify the you or a monitoring station. Some of our customers will add an indoor camera with smart AI Motion detection and live view so you can record and see what has happened in your home. We have multiple ways you can catch an unwanted guest in your home or room, this can be done by installing smart wireless door window contacts. These capture events that happen if someone opens a door or window, you can set them to trigger an alarm instantly or send you a smart notification so you can that unwanted guest in action. You can incorporate our smart indoor cameras with our new two way talk so you can tell them to get out of your room or apartment no matter where you are in the world

Build a Home Security System to suit your space.

We get it each home is different, this is why we build each system for each home and we make it easy for you to get what’s right for you, and if you move and your needs change, you can simply add on later, it’s that simple. When getting a home security system for your rented property we have it covered.


GoKonnect offers a range of Home Security packages. You can custom build your own system to fit your needs and you can add on as you go along. Plus we give you the benefits of a DIY Setup with professional support.

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