Have fun this Halloween with your new Smart Home.

Have fun this Halloween with your new Smart Home. 19 Oct 2018

Smart Home Halloween guide.

Whether you’re dressing up in costumes, carving pumpkins, handing out sweets to trick or treaters or having a quiet night, most people will agree that Halloween is just plain fun. When it comes to decorating your home for Halloween, you’ve got to set the mood. If you have a smart home, you have an array of options to trick out both the interior and exterior.

Smart Scary lighting.

Set the Halloween mood by dimming the lights via the GoKonnect Smart Home app. But don’t stop at the front door, either. Once you have your zombies and vampires set-up outside, places some smart bulbs into your outdoor lighting and if you have the wiring, place them around the front garden. With our smart bulbs, you can change the color, intensity or set them you turn on when motion is detected.

Hiding in plain sight.

If you really want to scar visitors, accessorize your Video Doorbell with cobwebs, masks, and spiders. Stream your soundtrack of horror sound effects such as screams, creaky doors, evil laughs and werewolf howls using the two-way talk function.

Get that Spotify playlist ready.

With the Amazon Alexa and google home, you can immerse your home with the best Halloween tunes. Go one set further and disguise your device and hook it up outside. Just appreciate that you have neighbors and to not play your eerie soundtrack too loud.

Why so serious?

Home Security doesn’t have to be serious. But while you relax and have some fun this Halloween, you can have peace of mind that your Smart Home System is also keeping your family, your home and you, safe.

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