Guide to Choosing and Setting House Alarm Systems

Guide to Choosing and Setting House Alarm Systems 20 Feb 2020

A home alarm system is indispensable when we talk about personal safety and privacy. We need monitored house alarms to detect crimes, prevent human hazards, accidents and any other unusual event and may cause serious harm, damage or loss to people or property. Several online surveys suggest that people save their insurance premium costs by installing home alarm systems.

This gives them an edge when they sit to negotiate with their policy brokers. Secondly, people are adapting to contemporary smart homes these days. Most of these automated smart homes have alarms connected to internet devices, which are then connected to thermostats and lighting devices at the backend. These alarms start signalling once they detect smoke and concentration of carbon mono-oxide in the atmosphere to prevent poisoning and fire accidents. Plus, these alarms also arm and disarm automatically upon sensing any malicious or burglar activities.


But then, how to choose a home alarm system which guarantees all of these facilities?

The question is simple, and so is the answer. With this simple guide to choosing and setting house alarm systems brought to you by GoKonnect, you can decide which alarm systems will be well-suited for your residential property, be it a bungalow, a two-room apartment or whatsoever!

Research the features of the device

Before you plan to get your hands on a monitored house alarm, make sure the alarm system covers the following factors:

  • You should be able to arm and disarm your home alarm system remotely – from wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • Your monitored house alarm should notify you in case you forget to arm the alarm while leaving the house.
  • You should be able to access who gets in or out of the home in real-time – while it’s happening.
  • You should be able to store and get notified on your cellular and other portable devices.

Well, our home alarm systems have it all and more than that. While checking who came or left and when they did so, our unique feature of ‘no-show’ alerts tell you when somebody did not show up at home. So, if you are a parent away at work, or you are a single mom who is out to earn a living, you can rely on us. Plus, the monitored house alarm gives you the unique user codes and guides you who tried arming or disarming the home alarm system.

How would I manage it without power?

Frequent power breakdowns may be common in few areas, and in such cases, a sudden power breakdown due to any reason should not hinder your monitoring of the house. Our monitored house alarms keep functioning as usual, even if there is no power or broadband.


What would it cover?

While talking about an alarm system, we need to also pay attention to the area and range covered by the alarm system. Always discuss the scope, diameters, and dimensions within which your activities can be sensed. If you want to stay ahead of the world in case of emergencies, you need to get something that offers more extensive coverage.

Check your insurance terms

A stronger home security system means lesser chances of hazards and claims. Several insurance brokers love their clients who have these monitored house alarms installed in their personal or commercial property. However, for a lower insurance premium rate, you probably need to follow the specifications provided in your policy. It is always a better idea to discuss it with your broker, and then with a service provider to match the requirements of the plan to obtain an advantage.

Temperature control


You don’t only need burglar protection - why not add on a heat detection system that notifies you once heat or smoke is detected? Also, it decreases your downtime, and you can take any preventive measures you need to take to protect your home or people inside. The home alarms can be set according to preferences. It is better to set sensitivity levels to get notified and evacuate a building if required.

Already have monitored house alarms installed? Get in touch with us today and upgrade your home alarm system to the ‘smarter’ way!

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