Give Mums a Break!

21 May 2018

1: Smart home security helps working Mums

Your working day will start better with GoKonnect, making it easier to get out of the house with a one-touch Scene lockup, backed up by smartphone reminders for the busier mornings.

When at work, GoKonnect helps Mums manage important scenarios at home like home deliveries, while live video feeds can check in on the kids at home. When schedules change during school holidays, GoKonnect makes it easier to track.

2: Smart home security helps Mums at home

For busy Mums, it never stops, even when the working day is over. GoKonnect is here to help with family-friendly features that safeguard kids while Mum does other things.

Unexpected Activity alerts can be generated, giving you proactive warnings if contact sensors in out-of-the-way areas are opened at unusual times, alerting you if the kids get into “out of bounds” areas. Video cameras inside and outside the house make it easy to keep an eye on the older kids from inside the home.

3: Smart home security helps Mums put the feet up

If you have babies or small kids that still take a nap – GoKonnect Mums love the fact that they have a GoKonnect powered doorbell camera and a smart thermostat with remote temperature sensors, making nap time undisturbed and giving Mums a peaceful break to enjoy a cuppa and put the feet up.

Out for the night or away from home, GoKonnect brings added peace of mind by giving you real-time notifications and allowing you to check in and see what’s happening at any time.

Want a smarter home, powered by GoKonnect?

A smart home security system benefits Mums, Dads and the entire family. Contact us to find out more - 0429333365

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