Get the best out of your home!

Get the best out of your home! 1 May 2018

“Hey Google; Turn off the lights…” It’s such a good feeling being able to use your GoKonnect smart mobile app (Powered by to control your home when you’re out of the house. Voice control is also a popular option to use at home by smart home users. Our new GoKonnect action for Google Home allows you to control your GoKonnect powered home with clever voice commands for your smart security system, thermostat, lights, locks and doors.

Here is a breakdown of everything you can do;

Arm your security system

Kids are off to bed? Finally sitting down to catch up on soaps or a movie? You don’t even have to get up off the sofa – you don’t even need your phone — you can arm your security system for the night by simply saying your command

“Hi Google: arm the house.”

Control access to your home

GoKonnect integration makes it easy to secure your home’s perimeter, with voice control for smart locks and garage doors.

Hi Google: close the garage door.

Hi Google: lock the front door.

Check the status of devices around your home

You may need to know the status of things around your home at any stage. We’ve made it easy to ask:

Hi Google: is the security system armed?

Hi: Google what’s the thermostat temperature?

Change the temperature

It’s beneficial to know the temperature in your home, but when you’re too hot, all you want is to cool down. We have added the ability to voice-adjust your thermostat

Hi Google: turn down thermostat by three degrees.

Listen to music

Have control of your Bluetooth speakers and stream music to them right from your Google Home devices. Enjoy music from your favorite playlists or by genre, artist, song, album, mood, or activity. You can also control where you want the music to come on;

Hi Google; Play happy music

Hi Google: Play music in the living room

Control group devices

You can interact with your smart lights by calling out a single device, group, or general device type. For example:

Hi Google: turn on the living room lamp.

Hi Google: turn on the Landing light. Hi Google: turn on Ellas’ bedroom lamp

And, at bedtime: Hi Google: turn off all the lights.

You can do the same with your GoKonnect Smart locks; with the ability to lock the house down in one single command:

Hi Google: lock the doors.

Instructions for getting started

Already got Google Home and GoKonnect system (Powered by - Here’s how to get started.

First, enable the app action by telling your Google Home: “Okay Google, talk to”

Next, open the Google Home app. Enter your account login and password to sync your account. You’ll have the option to create your PIN as part of the setup process.

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