Factors to Consider Before Choosing a House Alarm System

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a House Alarm System 20 Feb 2020

A monitored house alarm is undoubtedly the key to safe and secure living. And, as more and more people in the UK and Ireland are getting their homes automated with central hubs, the hype around these house alarm systems is increasing. Most of us have no concept of spending a day without our active, monitored house alarms. But, for sure, there are certain essential factors we need to consider before choosing and installing a house alarm for home security. While these factors are vital for everyone, these are sensitive and should be accounted for by everyone before actually putting up with a home security system in Ireland.

What does Google say about it?

First things first. Research the best features of a house alarm. Compare those features to what you specifically need for your private or residential property. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate different device options and get quick know-how with quotes about the latest trends. Our database suggests that people usually look for Cloud storage to save all the arming and disarming data, and they love the facility of being able to remote control their home security systems. Plus, it’s best when you can get notified about who armed and disarmed the house alarm systems and when they did it. The ‘no-show alerts’ system is also a popular option. This option tells you if your kid, a senior, or maybe a domestic servant, did not reach home at the set time. And above all, you should be reminded of arming and disarming the monitored house alarm system before or after leaving home – at your fingertips on your cellphone.

What does your insurance policy suggest about alarm systems?

As far as we know, the best insurance policies require their clients to install house alarm systems from particular companies since they know the best ones. You also need to keep in mind your home insurance policy if that dictates you to install a house alarm system. That’s because the home security standards in Ireland are way restrictive, and you can only bargain on a lower premium rate if you follow the feature specifications provided by your insurance policy. Brokers love it when they can see desired home security systems installed because, apparently, there will be lesser chances and risks of claims if a home is protected and appears less vulnerable.


We’ve all heard this - a goal without a plan is a mere wish. And that’s what applies to everything we desire to do even with our homes. With quality above all, you also need a financial plan that meets all of your safety and security goals and doesn’t go killing your pocket. For that, match the quality, services, options, and every other feature of the device with the cost you pay. Home security experts suggest that you chase quality over the price.

Your lifestyle and home’s features

You’d have to pay attention to the distance of the alarm system from the control panel – the central hub. In that case, it’s better to keep it wireless, so that the range of your security system from the door and windows doesn’t hinder the purpose. This way, it becomes easier for you to remotely arm and disarm whenever any emergency action is required.

Some of our clients reside in areas where power breakdowns and outages are part of a routine. For them, we have designed monitored house alarms that keep performing as usual in the absence of electricity or the internet. So, if a burglar attacked the power supply before breaking in to prevent any action, he may fail to do so because of the smart control feature.


We intend to create comfort and security by installing an automatic home alarm system – and that’s only possible if the order is user-friendly. To ensure the level of ease, you should check if you’re able to access all footage on your portable devices, and can integrate the services of this alarm system with the other smart devices. Once the system is set with home’s temperature control units (often thermostats), lighting devices, smoke, and carbon mono-oxide detectors, you can leave the house without any worries since they would notify you in case of any unusual event – fire, poisoning or vandalism. Also, you can set the alarm system to wake you up at night by switching on all the alarm lights (red ones) if an activity is sensed within the predetermined diameter.

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