Doorbell Cameras Ireland

Doorbell Cameras Ireland 9 Apr 2020

Choosing the Right Video Doorbell for Your Smart Home

Haven’t you ever wished to answer the door without getting up from the comfortable couch? Or when you could just see who’s at the door without having to answer it? I know you do. This ease can only be provided by the advancements in technology that have made our lives suited to our moods. Once you have invested in our video doorbell, your home security will never be the same again.

Though a seemingly simple concept, a video doorbell requires some thought and appropriate information. It’s not a complicated process, but with a little planning, your doorbell can provide years of security and peace. This is where we come into it and make it seamless, so when you add your doorbell to your home security system. our team of professional installers will have it up and running in no time.


Features of a Video Doorbell Camera

Your reasons for installing a video doorbell could be wide and varied. You can see beforehand and choose whom you allow entering your house, or you could monitor the activity remotely when you are away from home with kids all alone. You can install our Smart Lock to complement your video doorbell so you can secure your lock, depending on who’s at the door. As it works injunction to your smart home security system, it gives you more control over your front door. You can always deter unwanted visitors through the microphone system and keep burglars at bay.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Wide-angle recording
  • HD recording
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Live streaming capacity

Professional Installation


Our team of smart home professionals will run a number of checks when we installed your video doorbell camera. As all doorbell cameras will be WI-FI driven, a WiFi Speed test where your doorbell camera is located will be important, in some cases, Wi-Fi extenders will be required to boost your signal. All our doorbell cameras are hardwired for the most reliable connection. You will need an existing doorbell there which is working. Once we install we will pair your doorbell in with the rest of your smart home system, this enhances the control, allowing you to lock or unlock the door, disarmed the system and also the doorbell camera will automatically start recording when an alarm goes off,

Smart home integration

The full benefits of getting a video doorbell camera which is integrated into a full smart home security system are seen every day by our customers. The system all works together and its simple, When we add our smart locks to the platform, you can unlock the door and let someone in as you see and speak to them from your smart home app. You also make your security system work with your doorbell. so if you have an alarm event the doorbell will know this and start recording automatically so you can capture any event that has happened at that time.

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