Do Bogus Security Cameras Work?

Do Bogus Security Cameras Work? 28 May 2018

1: Fake cameras can’t show you important activity

Take an everyday scenario for instance, where you are in work and someone walks up to your front porch. Here’s how it might go with a real camera, and with a fake one.

Real camera: With a GoKonnect Security Camera you’ll get a notification. As the visitor’s motion triggers your camera to record a clip, GoKonnect’s clever app sends you an alert directly to your smart device. Upon opening the alert, you can view a live feed from your camera on your app and see what’s been going on.

Now, you can take action. You can call your spouse or a family member if they’re home and let them know. You can zoom in on the video for a closer look at the visitor’s face. If you have a GoKonnect doorbell camera, you can address them directly through the integrated speaker and ask them: Hello, can I help you? If it’s someone you’re expecting, you can unlock your door and let them in.

Bogus camera: With a dummy camera, none of the above applies.

2: Fake cameras won’t and can’t help you catch a thief

Let’s say your suspicious visitor really is up to no good. In fact, they’re a package thief, and they make off with a parcel you just had delivered to your porch.

Real camera: We’re sorry about your missing package. Your GoKonnect camera supplies you with proof for you by giving you a clear video clip of the thief in action. It’s easy to download this clip and send it to your local Gardai Station or online media if you feel like shaming them or share with your local neighbourhood Facebook group. Your video clip can quickly and easily become a crime-fighting asset that gives the Gardai the help they need to recognize and catch the thief.

3: Fake cameras aren't linked to a security system

Let’s look at the worst-case scenario. Your suspicious visitor is a burglar intent on forcing their way in through your front door, camera or no camera.

Real camera: This burglar quickly discovers that your camera is connected to your smart security system. As well as recording them, your GoKonnect technology is simultaneously sounding a loud alarm, sending alarm notifications to you and your family, and delivering an emergency signal to a monitoring station.

Fake camera: You’re going to have a terrible shock when you arrive back home.

4: Fake cameras can't show you anything at all

Not everything that happens on your porch is an attempted break-in. On any given day, you’re far more likely to have a friend call by, a package delivered or to have the kids arrive home from school. Being able to see what’s happening makes things easier and reduces everyday worries.

This is how thousands of GoKonnect cameras are used on a daily basis, and it’s what many users love most about their smart security systems. With a fake camera, you don’t get any of that.

Ready to keep it real?

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