Different types of Home Security Cameras

Different types of Home Security Cameras 11 Jun 2020

What type of Security Camera do I need?

The world of security cameras is ever-evolving and has the capacity to meet your needs in all situations: Whether you want to cover the front, back or side of the house, wireless, WiFi or battery powered Home Security Cameras. The importance of selecting the right security camera in Ireland is pertinent to its application and location. So what is the best type of security camera for your security needs? Which one should you choose to monitor your pets or keep an eye on the front door? Which one is most suited for indoor use? Let’s look at the major camera types and their specifications and uses so that you can narrow down your options.

Battery-powered cameras

This camera is quickly becoming the most sought after over the recent years because:

  • Easy to set up- the battery-powered innovation is free from any wiring labour.
  • It is highly portable and can be placed and moved whenever you like.
  • It is designed for motion detection only
  • It is sensitive to human or animal movement which reduces chances of false alarms

4G camera with no WiFi

If you need monitoring of remote areas where WiFi is a problem, then this latest camera is the answer to your problem. It comes with a built-in SIM card and runs on 4G data instead of the router to work. It can work anywhere as long as you have a working SIM and an open data plan.

PTZ home security cameras

PTZ security camera is the front runner when it comes to home security. PTZ cameras, also known as speed dome cameras, allow you to control the coverage area of the camera, tilt and zoom functions remotely. It is also ideal for outdoors where there is a requirement to cover a large area.

Bullet cameras

The bullet camera is small and has sharp points for specific spaces with a viewing angle of 80 degrees. It has the following features:

  • Audio enabled
  • 4MP resolution
  • Motion detection or 24/7 recording
  • Dome IP cameras

Dome cameras

The dome cameras are perfect for deception, where people can never really tell if the camera is looking at them or not. It does, however, have a fixed viewing angle instead of a panoramic and distorted view.

  • 4X optical zoom lens
  • 5MP resolution
  • Up to 100ft excellent infrared night vision
  • Motion detection or 24/7 recording
  • Wireless security cameras

It actually needs a wire for the power supply but sends data wirelessly, which is what sets it apart from other security cameras in Ireland. It is vital to ensure that the location of the installation has a stable WiFi connection.

Choosing the right security camera is detrimental to the type of use. If it fails to accomplish its purpose, then the investment would have been futile with a risk of long term damage as well. So make a well-informed decision because everything depends on this single act.

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