Creating and controlling a smart home

Creating and controlling a smart home 4 Mar 2020

Creating and controlling a smart home

Building a dream ‘smart home’ is easier than how people think. That’s because smart home automation doesn’t only make a living space more comfortable and adjustable to people’s needs—but because of the intelligent control systems. Smart home automation has a higher potential in 2020. It has become more convenient to create and manage even the nooks of the smart home. Here’s how and why!

Smart Lighting

Never mind, if you forgot to switch all bulbs and other lighting devices off before going to bed or leaving the house. Your smart lighting system can take care of it and becomes a great source of reducing the utility bill. Create lighting groups for each room so that areas of your home can be turned on/off with one-touch. Different schedule modes can be pre-set, and then you don’t have to instruct the devices every time you want them to switch on or off. Set up a geo-location rule so that if you forget to turn your lights off when you leave, and reach a distance of 1.5 km from your home, they turn off automatically. And the best this is, you can do the opposite for when you’re coming home.


Smart Thermostat with instant temperature control

It can get quite nippy this time of year, and quite warm during the summer months. So we all know the importance of making use of the heating me have. Thermostats linked to the central wireless hub helps you heat or air-condition the living space at any instant. It works wondrously once networked with the lighting devices—lower temperatures during the day and moderate at night—during the sleep hours. The same smart thermostat sends you notifications when the heating is adjusted—and by whom—and even lowers the heating is a door or window is left open.


Smart Fire and smoke protection

Our smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors communicate with your smart home, giving you real-time alerts in the event of a fire or hazardous levels of CO. Because our smart home hub has a back-up sim & battery, these devices will continue to communicate to your home and, most importantly you when there is a loss of broadband and/or power.


The security systems

The security devices connected to the central hub perform sensitive functions like burglary protection. It detects unusual activity and intruders in and around your home. Plus, you can choose to arm and disarm such a system remotely. Whether you’re outside your home, or maybe you’re just five minutes away, order your smart home to take care of itself. If you’ve tuned-on ‘no-show’ alerts, you can even keep track of who stops by, who didn’t and at whatever time. This feature dramatically aids a modern parent in keeping an eye on children and works well even if you have an older parent or grandparent visiting your home daily.

Still, how does it work?

Most of our happy customers love their smart home security systems are tailored around them. The central hub and the instruction processes are user-friendly. You get ample options to control and get notified in case of a disturbance. For example, you can choose to integrate the services of lighting with the alarm and security cameras. Upon sensing any activity in the assigned distance, the lighting devices can switch on as a signal. Plus, whenever somebody tries arming or disarming the alarm systems manually, you’ll be pinged at your mobile device. So, no stealth mode or camouflages work with a smart home that never sleeps.


What will I do if there’s a power outage?

Another common question! If there is a loss of broadband and or power, your smart security keeps working, including your smart door locks. Our smart home hubs have a back-up sim & battery that keeps your security working until it comes back on. Because we use wireless technology, we don’t have the same limitations as old wired alarms.


What about the notifications?

These notifications reach your mobile phones precisely the way you receive your instant messages. For example, you’re in the office, and someone tried manually arming or disarming the alarm system, you’ll get a notification telling you who it was based on the code they used. If you’ve hired contracters—give them their own temporary access code, so you know when they started and when they finished. Your entire smart home is always working with you and your daily routine—with instant alerts when you forget to arm your system, lock our front door, leave a window open, or even when motion and/or unexpected activity is detected.

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