Combining Home Security & Smarthomes in one

Combining Home Security & Smarthomes in one 12 Jan 2018

How has Home Security & Smarthome Automation Come together

The traditional home security system’s currently on the market generally only work when the system is armed, basically meaning, something has to happen before you get a warning and in most cases, this is almost too late. Combine that with traditional monitoring contracts in Ireland where Garda stations might be 30 minutes away leads to some serious concerns regarding how effective your home security system really is

GoKonnect has changed the way Home Security works within your home, We call it Smarthome Security which also combines SmartHome Automation features which gives you a real-time home security system with cloud intelligence, Smarthome app control, automation and a full package of integrated Smart home devices - Not only what we do better protects your home and loved ones, it gives you a peace of mind that you know what is happening in your home with real-time notifications

Check out some of the great features we offer to our customers below:

A Smart Security System with a Smart Thermostat

The GoKonnect Smarthome security system integrates any connected devices within your home, making a proactive and smart home allowing you and your system to make smart choices. For example if you leave a door or window open which is part of your New GoKonnect smarthome security system this now connects with our fully automated Smarthome thermostat and automatically turns down you heating, Allowing you to save money and save energy.

Smart Proactive Early Warning Alerts That Help Manage Problem

Most traditional security systems only warns you when something bad happens. The GoKonnect Smarthome Security systems lets you know in real-time just before something happens, using smart sensor intelligence which picks up activity that can lead to danger to you and your loved ones

The GoKonnect system uses real-time notifications *which alert you when a door or window is opened, a motion sensor has detected motion even if the system is not armed. Over time our system will learn the day to day activities of your home and with *unexpected activity notifications like our image above shows ,if kids got into the garage on a wednesday afternoon when its usually empty you will recieve a push notification right to your phone and you anywhere in the world

Smart Security Meets Smarthome Automation

GoKonnect connects Smart Security with Smarthome automation. From our full integrated mobile app you can not only control your Smarthome Security you can fully control your Thermostats, lights, Doorbell camera, Outdoor cameras, Indoor cameras, Smart locks, & Much more.

An example of this would be our Smart locks & Smart doorbell camera giving you full control over what happens at your front door from anywhere in the world Our Smart locks allows you to set automation features so when you arm your home, the doors will automatically lock or get real time notifications when the kids get home and unlock the doors. Give users limited access to your home and when they leave the code you gave them expires meaning they cant get back in.

Our Smart Doorbell cameras lets you see and talk to anyone who is at your front door from anywhere in the world. Video motion detection recordings, picks up movement at your front door and lets you know in real-time who is there. When paired with our smart locks you can let family members in without having to leave the couch. One feature is when motion is detected by the smart door bell camera you can set a rule that your lights will come on automatically.

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