Choosing the perfect Home Security Camera for Your Property

Choosing the perfect Home Security Camera for Your Property 20 Feb 2020

As in all areas of life, education, business, sports, and entertainment, technology has permeated our personal lives as well. Technical advancements have made it so much easier to keep all that we hold dear ‘safe,’ be it our homes, our offices, or our loved ones. While leading busy lives, it is hard to keep track of all that is going on at home and be notified immediately in case of any break-in. This is where security cameras come into play, making it easy to keep an eye on your home where ever you might be in the world.

Uses of security cameras in Ireland

Several factors may help us decide how to choose the best from available home security cameras. Our clients usually consider some specific elements and features while purchasing our services. Firstly, they prefer accessing live footage on their cellular and laptop devices, from anywhere in the world. That’s because it decreases the chances of theft and other crimes. Once these security cameras are connected with the smart hubs at home, our clients can communicate with the people inside/outside home once the home security camera detects any kind of activities. This way, they can reap certain benefits on their insurance policies while keeping a careful eye on their children and pets.

How to choose a home security camera

Your selection of a home security camera in Ireland may depend on factors like the area you want to cover, the features you prefer, the storage options available, and the modification add-ons. And, we’ve dealt with these factors in greater detail here.

Features of the security camera

The market is overrun with innumerable choices for smart home security cameras. So, here’s how you should choose the best one. The CCTV should:

  • Have a 360-degree panoramic HD camera with a broad scope to guard your home
  • Capture and monitor in high-def with real-time video storage
  • Provide remote monitoring features on your phone
  • Correspond with alarm notifications
  • Adapt motion detection
  • Allow two-way voice communications for precious moments with those at home
  • Have a clear night vision capturing option


It is best to choose a camera that has a wide-angle lens, which will reduce the number of cameras needed. Though most cameras already have a 360-degree view and so, it is wise to choose a camera with a view of 100 degrees or more.

Footage options

There are several options available when it comes to storing footage on home security cameras. Again, depending on your usage, you can decide what’s best suitable for your needs. There are differences to consider when comparing footage options:

SD card storage When you don’t want to subscribe to cloud storage service and would instead store footage locally. It is relatively safe and not easily accessible to others. It is especially popular in case you want to keep an eye on your backyard, which doesn’t require round the clock recording.

NVRs/DVRs When you want to record constantly and be able to save weeks of footage, this is your best option. DVRs with built-in hard drives, review footage without pausing the recording.

FTP storage This is an excellent option for people who don’t want to use cloud storage or SD cards.

Cloud Storage It is beginning to gain popularity for those who want an alternative to SD cards and NVRs, as it is convenient and safer. It should be noted that an internet connection is needed for the home security camera to be able to store online on the cloud.

PC storage There’s always an option of turning your personal computer into a camera storage unit. It could, however, slow down your computer due to massive data storage.

Connecting home security cameras in Ireland to cellular devices and laptops

Home security cameras can connect to your cell phones and laptops, making it easier for you to receive notifications in case of motions detection at your homes, storefronts, or stockrooms. Having a capable eye on your property despite your whereabouts is absolutely pivotal in ensuring your peace of mind.

Home security cameras in Ireland have become immensely popular and for all the right reasons. This exceptional use of technology is essential in maintaining some semblance of sanity in this fast-paced race towards a better world. So, make an informed decision when choosing a home security camera as it could make all the difference when it comes to the safety of all that you hold dear.

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