Can my home alarm move with me?

Can my home alarm move with me? 23 Apr 2020

Does My Home Alarm Equipment Move with You?

GoKonnect’s Smart home alarm is designed to move from place to place, With people moving home more and more each year, It’s important to have a home alarm that can move with you, and it has to be affordable— this means that your initial investment becomes a long time investment.

GoKonnect makes moving simple and our smart home team is on hand to help.

If you are planning on moving simply give us a call and let Gokonnect make it even easier by arranging everything to protect your new home. What we will do is:

Provide you with new equipment boxes so you can pack your home alarm equipment away safety New signage your for your new home Provide you with new Screws or Double sided tape pending your install type We will make sure your system is deactivated for the move and reactivated in your new home

If it is a DIY installation our team will run a test from our HQ or if you require we can send one of our smart home professionals to your home to assist and check everything is in place. Give us a call on 042-9333365 or email us at, to let us know and we will do the rest, making this aspect of your move stress free.


How come the GoKonnect Home Alarm is easy to move.

It’s all about the technology- Smart but simple With A GoKonnect Home Alarm we use the latest in wireless technology — this allows for simple installation with no wire’s or drilling holes in some cases. This also means that they can be removed easily and placed in your new home! It’s as easy as calling our Smart Home team and let us know you are moving home. We will then deactivate all your sensors and then reactivate them when you get to your new home. If you are using our DIY installation process, we will do a full systems check on your home alarm to make sure all is working correctly and your new home is protected.


When you buy a GoKonnect smart home alarm it’s easy to add on, so if you move to a bigger home you can add sensors so you don’t have to buy a whole new home alarm. You also might want to consider additional security features like Smart HD Cameras, smart locks, video doorbell smoke & Heat detectors, Flood sensors and carbon monoxide detectors


Just plug in and you are ready to go

We have two forms of communication so you don’t have to worry about broadband in your new home. With our Duel path panel our cellular connection simply reconnects and your panel is communicating right away. We will test the signal strength for you so your new home alarm is sending you alerts when it matters.


Take your GoKonnect home alarm with you.

Like everything we do it’s for the long term and this goes for our customers also, so it’s no wonder when someone buys a Gokonnect home alarm they are joining the gokonnect family and we will be there for them no matter what or where

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