Back to school Smart Home Security.

Back to school Smart Home Security. 30 Aug 2018

Back to school Smart Home Security.

With the kids going back to school, you don’t need to worry about cutting or replacing keys or being at home in time. With GoKonnect’s Smart Door locks, you can unlock your doors when your kids come home while you’re out of the house or at work.

Know when your kids come home with the added motion detection in our Video Doorbell camera, Outdoor camera, and PIR Image motion detector. The winter months will start to creep in, now that the summer has ended. With us, you can keep your house nice and cozy with the use of our Smart Thermostat. Remotely turn on your home heating for you and your kids before they get home.

It can be tough to get your children to do their homework with all the distractions at home. Your TV doesn’t need to be one of them. When using Smart Appliance Control, it can be less of a headache. When a device is connected to one of our Smart Plugs, you can control power input to that device or set a schedule to turn it off.

With our system, you don’t need to have all these Smart Options from the beginning. You can add-on at any time, always keeping your home up-to-date.

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