A Smart Home For Christmas

A Smart Home For Christmas 18 Dec 2018

A Smart Home For Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and with that comes fun & festivities, present opening, family & friends and turkey dinners for at least 3 days. For most people, these things always focus on one thing, home.

At GoKonnect Smart Home, we understand that the Christmas season generally starts with Home and this is what we do best. We help families, not only to protect their home with GoKonnect Smart Home Security we also give them the fully Smart home experience allowing people to manage their home in a more efficient way. See how GoKonnect Smart Home can give you the ultimate Christmas experience.

Front Door Control for Christmas

One of the most important parts of your home is your Front Door, This is your family and friends will be greeted when they arrive for the Christmas festivities. We give you the Smart Home Technology that will give you and your guest a front door experience which won’t be forgotten.

The video doorbell camera is a massive favorite with our customers. While installing this amazing piece of technology is as simple as replacing your existing doorbell with our Smart HD Video Doorbell Camera, the level of functionally you are about to get us far from just letting you know someone is at your front door.

With the GoKonnect Video Doorbell Camera, it will notify you before someone even gets close to ringing the doorbell. With our Smart home App, you can see your family members coming to the door before they get there. You can also see the last of your Christmas gifts arriving that you ordered online and talk two way to the delivery driver from anywhere in the world.

Even if you are not at your home or simply tied up with kids, you can speak and see anyone who calls to your home in real-time.

Smart Locks allows easy access for family & friends this Christmas

Christmas is a time when your home sees the most visitors all year, Family, friends and the next door neighbors and maybe the random man in a big red suit. GoKonnect Smart Home smart locks help to make they arrivals an easy process. You will be notified by your video doorbell camera before your visitors get to your front door and you can say “Hello” and let them in from your smartphone, even if you’re tired up with the Festive cooking.

If you have family staying for a short period of time you can give them their own codes to access your home saying the need to run out and get keys cut or leaving them under a rug at the front door.

Smart Lighting will Brighten your home and turn it into the perfect Santa's grotto

Christmas is a time for decorating the home and Christmas lights these days are much more than just on the tree, With GoKonnect Smart Lighting we take the manual work out of turning them on and off.

With our Smart lighting control, you can easily set schedules for lights to turn on at a certain time or off when going to bed automatically, giving you peace of mind knowing you will never forget to turn the lights on the Christmas tree of again. You can also manually turn on the lights from your smart home app no matter where you are in the world.

We can also link your smart lighting control to your new smart home security system, meaning if a door was opened your Christmas tree could automatically light up, this will give an unexpected guess a big surprise.

With smart bulb integration, you can change the colors of the lights to set that Christmas mood even further.

Check to see if Santa really came in the middle of the night

With the GoKonnect Smart Indoor camera, you can keep an eye on the kids when your out getting the last of Christmas shopping. You can see if they are trying to open they presents which are placed under the tree early with live view and record video clips. Add a little fun for the kids this Christmas with the Gokonnect Indoor HD Camera and see if you can catch Santa delivering the presents.

Make your home special with voice control

It can be a hectic time Christmas trying to juggle all the things that need to be done and the people to see. With the GoKonnect Smart Home Security system, you can simply talk to your system and ask it to lock doors, turn down the heating, turn on the Christmas tree lights or simply am your home to stay mode.

Simply integrates with Amazon Echo & Google Home meaning you can easily control your home without having to take a break from the festive fun.

Be Smart, Be Secure this Christmas

This Christmas you want to know that your home is safe and protected without having to worry and with GoKonnect Smart Home Security you can check in to your home from anywhere in the world giving you peace of mind, and with real-time notifications from us, you will always know what is happening.

With GoKonnect Smart Home Security we give you much more control and turn your home into a smart home making Christmas more fun and peaceful.

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