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24 June 2021

6 Smart Home Security App Benefits You Will Always Need

Having a high-performance smart home app should be on top of your shopping list when choosing a smart home security company. The best smart home security app should give you more control than just arming and disarming, it should allow you full control over your home no matter where you are in the world. When choosing a smart home security app, a good example of top performance is the highly-rated GoKonnect Smart Home App that is known for its user-friendly interface, keeping you connected to your home not as long as you have 3G smartphone reception. Using your App on either a smartphone,  tablet, or Apple Watch, you can arm your home, turn off your lights, get real-time notifications, get a live view of your home, and much more no matter where you are

In a world of so many smart home security systems, it can be difficult to choose which one is for you and your home. Let us show you some of the benefits of the GoKonnect Smart Home Security App.


1. Smart lights with one touch of a button

We call it the home-alone effect. If you are not there, with one touch of a button you can turn on selected smart lights in your home all from your GoKonnect Smart Home app. Make it look like someone is there even when you're not, just in case someone is watching your home. Not just a home security feature,  if you are in bed and don't fancy walking downstairs to check to turn off the lights, you can simply dim or turn them off right from the warm comfort of your bed.


2. Never come home to the cold again

One of the main benefits of the GoKonnect smart home app is the control of your entire home all from one app. If you own a GoKonnect smart thermostat, you can use the GoKonnect Smart Home app to turn the heat down when you’re at work—but then turn it back up when on your way home, so you never come home to a cold home again.


3. Smart Home Security notifications always keeps you in the know

GoKonnect smart home app can notify you of security concerns that may arise in your home. Our smart security notifications are totally customizable so when a security sensor triggers an event you can choose what to receive and what not. Smart notifications allow you to act quickly in case of an emergency event. If you have our smart HD Cameras, you can get a live view of your home and see what’s happening and notify the emergency services. If the alarm event occurs, GoKonnect’s professional monitoring will alert the emergency services for you.

If you have GoKonnect’s Smart Lock you can choose who can unlock your door remotely via a user code or through access on the smart home app. You will receive notifications if the doors are unlocked or locks, so you are always in the know

You can customize smart notifications for each smart security sensor in your home, so your system is always working for you. Here are some great examples

  • Get notified when the kids get home
  • Instant notifications when someone enters your property
  • Unusual activity in a certain room or a leak in the home
  • If you forgot to close a door or window
  • Forgot to set the home security system
  • Someone unarming the home, see how it was and how they did it
  • Even if something out of the norm happens get a smart notification

The great thing about the GoKonnect app is you can customize what notifications you receive so you don't have notification overload on your smartphone.


4. Live view your CCTV Cameras

GoKonnect smart CCTV cameras allow you to view live your home all from one app, you can check from in on Indoor, Outdoor or Doorbell Cameras which are installed throughout your home. Smart AI motion detection captures clips so you can view them instantly from your smart home security app.  GoKonnect Smart CCTV cameras can tell the difference between a human, animal, or vehicle, so you know exactly what or who is on your property in real-time

Our smart indoor CCTV cameras and doorbell cameras have live two-way talk so you can see and speak to family members no matter where you are in the world.

Our extremely popular doorbell camera enables you to talk to visitors as they approach your front door, never miss a package again.


5. Arm and disarm your home from anywhere

Having the ability to set your home security system from your app has some great benefits, it could be if you leave for work and forget to set the alarm. As the kids get home from school, disarm the home as they get there. Turn off the false alarm so your nice neighbours don't have an alarm ringing all day. All these everyday little problems can be simply resolved in real-time all from the touch of a button from your smart home app.

6. Automate your smart home as you make your way home

We use our powerful Geo- Location feature so you can get reminded if you forget to set the alarm or automate your home as you leave work. Set up is simple, enable geolocation services on your smart home app and turn on notifications, 

. Set up smart home automation rules for when you arrive at a location within your home, A great example of this would be, you can set a rule to turn off your lights when you get to 1.5km from your home. Some of our customers set rules to remind them if they forget to set their smart home security system.


The GoKonnect Smart Home Security App: Is the only smart home app you need

GoKonnect’s smart home app is packed with features meaning you can control your entire home all from one app.  When choosing a home security system, it's important to choose one that has the power of this one

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