4 Ways to Use GoKonnect's Smart Thermostat.

4 Ways to Use GoKonnect's Smart Thermostat. 3 Aug 2018

Four Ways to Use a GoKonnect Smart Thermostat.

GoKonnect’s Smart Home Thermostat is connected to every sensor in your smart security system. It understands and knows more, saves on heating and keeps you comfortable throughout the year.

1: Dynamic Heating

Arming your system tells your thermostat that you are out of the house or if its “arm stay”, going to bed. In doing so it reduces the amount of heat being used in the home to save energy. During the day, it can also use Geo-Location services to do the same while you are at work.

With this dynamic heating and its awareness of the temperature outside, it can also raise or lower the heating on cold & hot days. It can even adapt to open doors and windows.

2: Individual Heating

If your home has zones, this smart thermostat and read the temperature in different rooms giving you precision heating in the places that matter most.

3: Voice Control

With our Smart Home Security system, you can control it with an Amazon Echo or Google Home. You can adjust your temperature or activate a scene with the utter of a word.

4: Keep the pipes flowing

Ireland is known for this cold weather. But when winter falls it is especially cold. With our smart Thermostat, you will be alerted if your pipes start to freeze. This gives you enough time to avert a potential flood and a monstrous bill.

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