101 Guide to Winterizing Your Homes

101 Guide to Winterizing Your Homes 6 Feb 2020
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101 Guide to Winterizing Your Homes

The Winter season is all about staying snuggled up in warm, cosy blankets, enjoying the hot chocolate and fresh snow, and of course, layering-up on all those sweater and jackets!

But before you crash on the couch by the fire with a cuppa and a movie on Netflix, it’s important to do some much needed pre-winter maintenance to make sure your home is safe and in optimum shape for the winter wave.

Not only this maintenance can help you save big on your electricity bill, but it can also keep your home safe from long-term seasonal damage.

A little clueless on where to start? Go Konnect is here to help!

From checking your home security cameras installation to inspecting the furnace, we’re covering everything you need to know on winterizing your home in a few easy steps:

Step #1 – get an energy audit

If you’re kickstarting mission ‘home winterizing’, an energy audit is a good start. It will give you an insight into your home’s energy usage and can help you cut down energy consumption and save money!

Starting with an energy audit is a great step because it can help you identify major and minor problem areas in your home (so you become a good, responsible adult and improve your home’s energy efficiency).

Step #2 – inspect your furnace and heating ducts

One of the most important things to do when winterizing your home is making sure your furnace is in good condition and your heating ducts are properly sealed and insulated.

Before you take the first steps towards your furnace in this season, call an HVAC professional. They’ll make sure that your furnace is displaying all the signs of safety and efficiency by checking for carbon monoxide, inspecting gas pipes, and cleaning the motor and fan.

Step #3 – get a smart thermostat

If you already installed one with your home security cameras last summer, then you are safe to skip this step. But if you haven’t got one, now is the time. With a smart thermostat, you have complete control over the temperature of your home. No matter where you are, you can set the temperature of your home easily.

This simple step will make a huge impact on your energy usage.

Step #4 – check the exteriors, doors, and windows

Did you know that having storm doors and windows in your home can surge the energy efficiency in your home by 45%?

Given the extremely long winters in many parts of America, homeowners can greatly benefit from installing storm doors and window – and it’s actually an easy DIY. All you need to do is to fix them to the outer door frame of your regular windows and doors.

Sounds like an easy thing, right?

Step #5 – drain and wrap your pipes

You can keep your pipes from bursting and freezing in the colder months by taking a few basic precautionary steps.

Firstly, drain any air conditioners or pipes that lead to your home’s outdoor water faucets. This includes any irrigation systems and garden hoses that you might have.

Second, if you have some unheated spaces in your home, including a garage or a crawl space, it’s also best to wrap all pipes in these areas with insulation.

Step #6 – inspect your fireplace and chimney

Making sure your chimney and fireplace is clean and working fine is imperative for a few reasons: it can help improve their efficacy and keep your family safe from scary fires.

During the winter (aka the month of using fireplace), chimneys and fireplaces are the biggest threat to home fires, so it’s really important to get them checked and cleaned before you start with roasting any chestnuts for the season!

Step #7 – service security and weather-specific equipment

It’s time to tune up your home security cameras for any possible psychopath buglers and get your snow blowers ready for winter!

The last thing you want during a big snowstorm is for someone to break into your house for stealing some warmth and your belongings. So, taking care of your equipment and belongings should be your top priority.

And that’s a wrap from us! If you think there is anything that we missed, you can share our post to your social channels with some of your own winterization tips.

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