10 Advantages of Monitored Alarms for your Home.

10 Advantages of Monitored Alarms for your Home. 9 Apr 2020

Why you might want a monitored alarm in Ireland

In a home alarm market with so many options, choosing between a monitored house alarm and a self-monitored alarm is difficult, and is a question we get asked all the time. When choosing an alarm for your home, A monitored alarm pending your security concerns can provide you and your family with added peace of mind, because you have a connection off-site should an emergency happen. Installing home alarms is one of many ways to put our fears to rest. A monitored alarm system does not only sound an alarm at your property when triggered but also communicates off-site to a monitoring station.


With a monitored alarm, our monitoring station will provide 24 hours surveillance, and the appropriate authorities can be notified within seconds when the alarm goes off. In the case of a self-monitored alarm system, alerts are sent to your smartphone or another device, and then it is up to you to take appropriate action. In either case, monitored alarms can provide the following benefits and contribute to your feeling of security. When it comes to us at GoKonnect, we provide you with many options;

1. No more false alarms

Since neighbours are often used to hearing false alarms, they are likely to ignore it in most cases. A monitored alarm makes you self reliant by making sure that your alarm is never gone unheard. With our instant notifications, unexpected activity alerts and AI motion detection with our cameras, you always know when there is something happening at home.

2. Instant response

When your monitoring home alarm is triggered, the monitoring gives you a call to access the situation. In the event of an emergency, help is sent for within a matter of minutes. Professional monitoring saves you time, and this time could be the difference between catching a criminal and arriving too late.

3. A high-risk target

Homes with no security are more likely to be targeted by burglars, they tend to look for the most vulnerable places because it is easier for them. It’s vital that your home is secured both inside and out. They way, any uninvited visitors don’t get a chance as your home security system is protecting your home 24/7.

4. No noise complaints

At some point, we have all experienced a false alarm, be it our own or a neighbour. Maybe the power has gone out, or there’s a faulty sensor, and it rings for hours because there’s no-one home to turn it off. Alarms are only supposed to ring for 15 minutes because the situation becomes a noise complaint issue. But no remote access and no monitoring, the family can’t turn it off until they get back home. You neighbours will complain, and then the authorities will come and enter your house to silence the alarm. When you a smart home security system, you’ll know instantly if the situation needs emergency services and with the aid of Professional Monitoring, you’ll have a team to help you stay safe.


5. Fire safety

As part of our smart security eco-systems, smoke and fire protection is very importation. With our home security, your smoke detector communicates directly with your Hub giving you instant alerts and low battery notification no matter where you are. In the event of a fire, you’ll be altered instantly as will the monitoring station when the alarm is triggered. They will then call the fire brigade.

6. Family safety

Having a monitored alarm 24-hours keeps your home and family safe in the event of a break-in. Our proactive home security is active 24/7 looking after your home when you can’t. When there something out of the ordinary or a break-in, you will be instantly alerted.

7. Personal safety

With a monitored alarm, You can sleep peacefully, knowing that there is always someone watching over your loved ones, even in your absence. So when there is an alarm, and you’re not home, there’s always someone who is there to help.

8. Save on home insurance

Many insurance companies will offer homeowners discounts and savings when they have a working monitored house alarm system. More often than not, even if you have a self-monitored alarm, the insurance company’s should also give you a discount.

9. Medical assistance

There is no need to worry in case of a medical emergency and your absence at home. With our smart notifications, any panic events will also alert all family members we have set up on the app in an instant. This allows you to respond to an emergency instantly.

10. Peace of mind

The long-term benefits of a home alarm system are unmatched. There is no price for peace of mind; it offers to make sure that your loved ones and our home are safe.


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